We know you have questions about our Removals services. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most popular ones and answered them in detail for you.

Getting Your Move Started

We generally require at least 7-10 days notice for a move, however we are used to carrying out emergency and short notice moves.

Please contact us to check availability for your move date.

We are happy if you have provisional moving dates we can add in for you.

we can arrange a move at short notice, whether you have an emergency or an awkward move it can be covered.

Call our office on 01702 540580 or our dedicated 24 hour mobile 07771 870 538 to discuss your situation and we can find the suitable solution for you.

Each move is different and start time is tailored to how much work is involved. We generally start from around 7am.

If your move needs to be started earlier or later then we will discuss this with you in advance.

we keep in touch the whole way ensuring its a smooth move! 

Of course we are flexible in our approach to things, it is all about keeping the move smooth. we can  arrange to come to you out of hours even weekends. 

yes we can, weekends tend to be popular times for relocating. try and book early.

call us today to discuss your move on 01702 540580.

Providing the loft is boarded and lit and also has suitable access to it I.E ladder, then we should be able to help you out.

our surveyor john will advise you in this regard.

Licence, Vehicles & Team

We have access to a full fleet of vehicles lorries & trucks which are fully tested and licsnsed. Inspections are carried out before any move is made.

We also use high capacity Luton type vans, which are suitable for most moves in particular for awkward access situations. (Man Van Service)(Budget Moves)

To make life easier, we prefer to park as close to the property as possible, sometimes it is necessary to suspend bays. You would need to contact the local council to arrange this, let us know as sometimes they require vehicle dimensions and vehicle registration number.

We try to encourage our workers not to smoke whilst on duty. If they smoke, then we advise them to smoke well away from property and our vehicle and only whilst on a break. If you have specific concerns about smoking let us know.

No, we look at every job individually and use the most appropriate sized vehicle at a fair price.

We select the most suitable sized vehicles for your move.

Yes, we strongly encourage the use of recycled boxes. Subject to availability as part of our service we will supply you with boxes for your move free.

It represents a massive saving if you consider that some companies do charge up to £5.00 per box. All we ask is that if we supply you the boxes that you are able to return them back to us flat packed so we use them on another move.

Installation, Furniture & Disassembly

Always happy to dismantle and assemble any furniture, if it has been agreed in advance and included in the cost of your move. Should you require any item dismantled and assembled on moving day which hasn’t been agreed in advance then if time permits we will carry out the work required and a charge will be made, of course we will discuss this prior to any work commencing.

We do not normally get involved with the disconnection and reconnection of appliances. We would rather this be done by a professional which you can arrange prior to your move. If you require contact details of qualified workman let us know.

Normally you can leave the items in drawers providing they are non breakable. Also if the chest is sturdy enough to move with the filled drawers. We can advise you on this. With self assembled furniture we recommend that drawers are emptied. If we discover prior to moving an item of furniture that it is weak we will inform you.

Yes this is part of our service to place items where required. As there are normally time constraints, we would request that you have a suitable floor plan where items are placed. You can put labels or stickers on items so our operatives know where to put them. The more you are organised the smoother the move on the day. This would save us constantly asking you where items are to be placed. Be mindful if you are relocating to a smaller residence where any excess furniture will be going. If you need help on planning do let us know, we are here to help.

From experience we suggest it is better to run down the contents of the fridge/freezer prior to the move. If you are moving fairly local then it would be ok to leave the contents in the freezer. It would be advisable to have some freezer bags handy in case. If you are unsure call us.

We have full protection furniture blankets to cover furniture and webbing to secure the items in the van. We also use padded covers for sofas and bubble wrap. No chances are taken we make sure everything is 100% secure & safe before moving your furniture.

Payment & Insurance Cover

Yes we are now proud members of www.moveassured.com We met with their strict criteria on joining and staying as an active member.

What we quote you for your move is what you pay. Based on the information we receive from you.

We have full protection furniture blankets to cover furniture and webbing to secure the items in the van. We also use padded covers for sofas and bubble wrap. No chances are taken we make sure everything is 100% secure & safe before moving your furniture.

That is entirely up to you. You are under no obligation to give a tip. Our crew will give you an excellent service regardless. Our guys are happy with a cup of tea and some biscuits. However if you are pleased with the service or feel the crew have gone beyond the call of duty to make your move special then feel free to give what you feel.

No we will add the current cost at source to the move, so we will take care of that.

Each job we undertake is different, so we need to assess factors like access, volume of effects to move ad distance.

If a packing service is required.

Call us on 01702 540580 to discuss your move and get a guaranteed quote.

01702 540 580
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